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June 14, 2012 | 06:32 PM | 5 notes
Blog: Revising a Novel



Revising a novel is like having bugs in your apartment. I have bugs in my apartment and having bugs means I’m thinking about bugs and fighting bugs and trying to find a way to permanently deter all bugs from entering my apartment. I spent thirty dollars on bug-killing sprays, powders, “foggers,” and traps. Last Sunday, I emptied the kitchen cabinets, cleaned them, sprayed them with Raid, waited, and cleaned them again. (I would’ve rather been revising my novel.) Last Monday, I killed four tiny crawling not-ant things (and one thing I think is a baby roach), as if on Sunday I’d never cleaned and sprayed and cleaned at all.

That is what revising a novel is like. The novel is the apartment. Every time you step into the apartment, there is another bug to kill. […]

Catie Disabato for Full Stop

Automatic Catie Disabato re-blog. Duuuudes, her novel is SO GOOD.  She is my STUDENT but she SCHOOLS me on the regular.

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