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"The festival has grown much, much larger, and our reputation has spread internationally—something boosted by the fact that every year we add more authors who travel overseas to participate. We have authors from Brazil (Paulo Scott), India (Amit Chaudhrui), Cuba (Mylene Fernandez-Pintado), Israel (Assaf Gavron), Haiti (Frankétienne), South Africa (Lauren Buekes), England (Nadeem Aslam, Hamid Ismailov, and Nadifa Mohammed), France (Scholastique Mukasonga), and Mexico (Mario Bellatin), among other countries, participating in this year’s programming. All in all, we have around 300 authors participating in programs on over a dozen stages."

Four Questions for…Brooklyn Book Festival Host Johnny Temple (via rachelfershleiser)

I’m SO EXCITED to be 1 of the 300 authors at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday!  Catch me at the panel, "The Displaced, The Dispossessed, and The Dreamers" at 2 pm, with Joseph Patrick Stancil and Warren Lehrer, and moderated by Julie Buntin!

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Omar pants at night.

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This is just cool. Also, wish that shirt was red.

This is just cool. Also, wish that shirt was red.

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First string instruments

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First face painting

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