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April 24, 2014 | 08:05 AM | 10 notes

Radio Silence

On Monday I am going to Ucross, an artists’ residency in Wyoming. I went in 2008 and started CALIFORNIA there; it was an inspiring and powerful experience. Also, it’s beautiful. And there are real cowboys at real saloons.

I will be off all social media until mid-May. If you need to get a hold of me, my email is on my website:

I’ll miss you, my friends.

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Really happy about my shirt-and-necklace combo today.

Really happy about my shirt-and-necklace combo today.

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A Short Q & A With Joanna Rakoff


I am pretty anxious to get my hands on Joanna Rakoff’s book My Salinger Year.

A great book and a great Q&A!  Enter to win.

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Father and Daughter photo shoot. (Of course it had to take place after I went on a hike that nearly killed me.)

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"By the time she was in the 4th grade Edan was praised and singled out for her writing. I told her years ago to put me down for 10,000 copies of her first novel. Now, I have uttered many bon mots and advice over the years, which Edan doesn’t remember. However, this promise (along with: “Madonna is a flash in the pan”) she recalls as if it were yesterday. I must keep my word and sell, sell, sell."

California | Vroman’s Bookstore

You might wanna order your copy of Edan Lepucki’s California from her dad, since he’s on the hook for 10,000 copies.

A heartwarming reminder never to promise your children ANYTHING.

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